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Ah! >_

 Damn, I feel like one of those cheap story love interests that just keep coming back whenever they need cash.


Did that make sense?

Anyway, I feel bad.  Like, I feel like I've abandoned all my internet friends, which makes me personally quite sad, because I miss you guys!  I know I haven't responded to any comments- oh dear, there are actually 17 comments I haven't responded to.  I've just been so BUSY you would not believe.  Evidently, summer CAN be more hectic than the school year.  But then again, I actually shoveled a whole lot of workload into my summer because I thought I'd be bored or something.  I can't really remember what actually having nothing to do feels like though, so we can all see how that worked out.

Anyway, just because I feel like I need to give you guys an excuse... DX

This summer I have a job at a library, I'm sending things to magazine publishers (currently have two 'no's and one 'maybe-possibly' meaning that they're actually considering it! :-D) I'm volunteering at an AIDS clinic, I'm trying to write this book I've been trying to write for  forever, I'm reading the books on my summer reading list and analyzing them so in AP I won't fail utterly, and I've joined a gay rights group.  And said gay rights group has lead me to this:


I swear to god.  It's a Star Trek gay rights group.  Like, it's literally a Star Trek gay rights group.  Which is so incredibly awesome and oddly stupendous I don't quite know what else to say, except that it was probably inspired by this:



Yeah, so anyway, I ended up being lead to this when the real life gay rights group and I were discussing gay iconic heros.  Then it led to kirk and spock being bisexual iconic heros.  Then it led to me seeing the new Star Trek movie and saying 'no they ain't.'  which lead to me remembering the Star Trek episodes I admit I used to obsess over as a kid, which led me to remember quite a few raised eyebrows when they started acting particularly... KuroFai-ish.  With less angst, of course.  Kurogane and Fai virtually own all the angst that does not belong to the temple of Syaoran and Sakura.  Especially in most recent chapters.  (Yes, oddly enough, I have found time to read the Tsubasa chapters.  And if that time is in the half hour before I go to sleep on some days, well, come one, it's Tsubasa.  I can survive being tired during work.  And just a wee bit of procrastination on my book)  

BUT ANYWAY... GETTING OFF TOPIC HERE... (and believe it or not, I have to go soon.  I have to say, I never feel swamped until I start talking about how I'm swamped.)  

So, Star Trek basically broke allot of barriers when it was on- like, allot of race barriers.  It may be the freaking weirdest show in existence, but it did allot.  First interracial kiss on television, first black woman in any kind of position of slight power on television, and the fact that despite the fact that it was the sixties, Roddenberry (guy who wrote Star Trek) basically said that Kirk and Spock had love that was suffifiant to make them want to get it on.  Like, he said that.  I learned this from the site.  So that site bascally is trying to get gay couples into mainstream stuff without it being the prime focus, in the same way Star Trek basically got interracial couples into mainstream stuff without race being the prime focus.  Yadda yadda, there's more on the site.  The people on the Star Trek gay rights group asked me and the other people they know write and a few they know do advertising things to go out there and try to get people who are not homophobic like you to sign this petition they have.  So I gave you the site.  ^_^'  There are more essays and everything on there, but basically the way to 'spread the word' at this point as they're saying is to have one person tell ten of their friends and those friends tell ten of their friends and so on and so on.  

This isn't even about liking Star Trek.  The general goal is to have the new movies break another barrier, this one being the gender barrier.  Like, in an argument I had with one member of the Star Trek (I call them real life gay rights group and gloriously nerdy gay rights group inside my head) gay rights group involved him saying that in the new movies, the representation of 'that side' of their relationship would never be shown obviously because they are two iconic fictional characters for America.  And, well, that's the goal.  Personally, as a fan, I kind of like them as friends.  Even if my eyebrow did spend allot of time rising as Spock told Kirk 'I'll always be yours' and Kirk freaking said Spock's soul was close enough to be his own and all sorts of things like that.  I can honestly say I just love their epic friendship, regardless of Roddenberry's intentions.  But this is kind of about doing exactly what guy-who-argued-with-me said they'd never do- get iconic characters behind gay rights.

And by the way, guys, I know I haven't been reading all of your awesome fanfictions or working on my own fanfictions or anything, and I'm really in truly sorry.  Like, reading awesome online stuffs is probably the part of having free time that I miss most.  I'm going to find time to eventually though, I swear.  And I'll try as hard as I can to find time to actually update my own work as well.


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Jul. 16th, 2009 10:45 am (UTC)
I have a fairly lengthy response to this seeing as it got me thinking about how gay people are portrayed in the media and what kind of leap it'd need to take to bring on the type of relationships you mentioned into popular TV programmes and films but rather than spam your email with even more huge, opinionated messages I've stuck it on my own journal. And I think you're down as my only 'online friend' so I've put it under that too. So you can find that here although it's not even directly speaking to you, just some general thoughts I had =) Sounds like you're working for some very worthy causes though so I really hope it pays off!
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